BabyCake Partners With ZenFT To Launch Rare NFT Line On Binance Smart Chain Network

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Today – Binance Smart Chain $CAKE reflection token BabyCake, announced that it will soon launch its NFT collection in collaboration with a known group in the BSC and altcoin space.

The NFTs were crafted by expert NFT consulting firm ZenFT – a seasoned team of NFT creators that have experience creating and launching successful projects.

The recently revealed BabyCake partners are now invested in the success of this, their most recent collaboration soon to be released.

A limited number of BabyCake NFTs have been designed and prepared for minting. Each individually designed BabyCake NFT will be unique, single and rare.

The teams are still in talks with select BSC NFT marketplaces to work out the details and particulars on the listing agreement for the NFT collection.

The main focus for now seems to be to make sure the unique line is promoted to the large NFT audience on Binance as well as cross-chain interoperability to make them accessible to traders on other networks like ETH, Polygon and Solana for instance – agreed by most to be avid NFT communities.

More details and insight into ZenFT

ZenFT is the experienced team behind the successful 1st and 2nd version NFT project CakePunks, an NFT line launched on Binance Smart Chain last September.

CakePunks reached notable levels on BSC, selling out on Treasureland in just days consistently, with individual NFT values rising as much as 15-20 BNB after minting and made available for bidding in the marketplace.

The skilled team of in-house NFT designers, developers and coordinators has also worked with several other DeFi projects.

The ZenFT team expressed how much of a pleasure it was working with the BabyCake team on the 2,000 unique NFT designs.

They were also intentional in especially mentioning the extended amount of time and detailing that went into the creation of the quality dApp technology and NFT 3D design.

“We wanted to make the DAPP something special for BSC. Not only can you mint there, on BSC, but you also have the opportunity to view your NFT’s and check out the rarity of the attributes in an open sea style, which will be transferable to open-sea should they ever onboard BSC NFT’s.” – ZeNFT Consultancy Spokesperson

More about the NFTs and minting

A portion of every NFT sale will be used to buy back BabyCake tokens. This is exciting news for token holders, who’ve experienced an extended season of decreased trade volume due to regulatory and other factors halting the release of the BabyCake mobile app.

The decision to include a buy back mechanism into each transaction is a good show of confidence from the core team to token holders and long-time investors, as the project gets ready to evolve into the second version token soon.

There will be a limited number of 2,000 BabyCake NFTs available to be minted. The adorable and advanced-design NFTs are modeled in their own 3-dimensional environment and will each have its own unique traits, expressed and revealed only after minting – so a surprise to each owner.

This gives each NFT an additional advantage of exceptional rarity, since no NFT will have any other that are exactly like itself. Peer-to-peer and marketplace trade should stay competitive in this way, with each BabyCake NFT being the textbook definition of non-fungible.

What are the next steps for BabyCake?

As the BabyCake team gets ready to roll out their exciting new NFT project, news of their version 2 migration has been released and is still buzzing.

The community is preparing for that transition, which does not yet have an official date. The team has also been working on other undisclosed tech developments, and remain poised not to allow the app delay to discourage future utility development.

Contests and giveaways are expected as they prepare for the NFT launch soon, and spread the word of the 2,000 rare 3D NFTs coming to the Binance Smart Chain, with hopes of additional networks to be named in the future.

Interested investors are encouraged to stay close, as the group releases news through social media fronts and their official telegram community channel.

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Press release about recent ICOs, announcement from startups, new cryptocurrency launch by firms and unlike.

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