BabyCake NFTs and Weekly Crypto Rewards, Expand to New Platforms

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    May 2, 2022


    The BabyCake cryptocurrency project recently expanded its Binance Chain-supported NFT line to additional platforms for increased exposure to new potential markets. The BabyCake NFT line was recently launched on Treasureland, BSC’s largest NFT platform, with millions of unique users interacting on it for NFT purchases monthly.

    The NFT line consists of 2,000 unique NFT designs with one-ok-a-kind features that are completely unknown until the minting process is completed.

    While the uniqueness of each NFT can certainly have a potential impact on future value, unlike many other non-fungible tokens, BabyCake NFTs bring immediate value to holders in a very specific way.

    Each of the 127 active BabyCake NFT holders has been benefiting from 3% rewards distributed amongst all NFT holders across the ecosystem, every Monday.

    How 3% rewards and other aspects of the BabyCake NFT ecosystem works

    As mentioned, 127 holders currently have been enjoying rewards spread across all NFT holders. It should be noted that as the number of holders increases, the percentage of rewards distribution will be adjusted so that BabyCake v2.1 tokens are distributed evenly across all holders.

    The 3% rewards are being generated from the trade volume of the BabyCake 2.1 ecosystem. As BabyCake v2.1 trade ensues, 3% is kept back, collected, and distributed to NFT holders weekly.

    In this way, NFT holders generate rewards consistently as a part of the ongoing BabyCake v2.1 ecosystem. The project recently conducted a live token migration from its first version, launched initially in July 2021.

    While migration was completed successfully, it came with a bit of difficulty which was met with resilience and proactive efforts asserted by the longstanding core team, positioned in support of the decentralized project. Other details of the migration and future plans of BabyCake, now that v2.1 has been launched, have been published recently.

    BabyCake v2.1 news and updates

    The BabyCake v2.1 ecosystem was identified as the best alternative in the face of the liquidity issue faced by particulars of the v1 smart contract code.

    While the liquidity in v1 was plenty, the team behind the crypto project felt it was too rigid, being locked away, which made it difficult to utilize the token liquidity for the desire of the team and community – development of the BabyCake ecosystem.

    V2 was decided, and in early April, after overcoming the small aforementioned hitch, v2.1 was birthed and launched for open public trade on April 6th.

    BabyCake v2.1 has a newly published project roadmap with details that include the development and launch of a decentralized application that would enable everyday individuals to purchase BabyCake and possibly other cryptocurrencies via a mobile interface, with ease.

    The application has been a long-time vision of the project ecosystem, going as far back as the launch of the first version of the BabyCake token – about 9 months ago.

    Additional updates include a new website which was recently released, an updated social media focus and marketing initiatives, and also news of an ARP – an innovative form of staking, with plans to be launched in May.

    BabyCake NFTs released on new NFT platforms

    BabyCake has been diligent, expanding word and availability of the unique NFTs designed and developed by ZenFT consulting firm, the NFT, and blockchain developers behind the first versions of the Cake Punks NFT collection. In an effort to engage and accomplish this specific mission, BabyCake v2.1 has made the exclusive NFT launch available on additional platforms. is one of the multiple platforms which now have direct news, information and live links attached to the BabyCake NFT minting pages for potential new holders to make contact with the evolving project and ecosystem.

    3% weekly rewards are enough for most crypto enthusiasts and avid investors to at least stop and take a look at an NFT line, in a day and age when so much in the industry is saturated by pictures with no actual interaction or implication in the associated decentralized project ecosystem.

    Additional NFT platforms include:

    Next steps and future information

    As the project continues to build into its evolving future, the focus is on the new NFT line and other ecosystem developments expected in the near future. Development of the BabyCake v2.1 ARP and mobile application is expected to be worked out as the project continues forward as well.

    All news and the most up-to-date information can be obtained by following and staying informed with the details published on BabyCake 2.1 social media channels as well as the Telegram community channel. NFTs are available on Treasureland, with the unique 3% rewards given to all holders every single Monday.

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    Crypto Journalist and Editor of guest articles in CoinPedia. I am also handling Outreach & Partnerships Manager. Contact me: [email protected]

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