Airfio – Crypto banking with AI is launching the biggest ICO


Integration of AI in crypto banking

It is for the first time in the industry of cryptocurrency that blockchain transactions will be executing through artificial intelligence. AI is the basically a facet where robots or machines acquired an equal quantity of intelligence as humans. It has a unique strength to respond quickly to any query by employing the neural network and widespread technology.


Accordingly, this technology has already created a huge impact on various sectors such as IT, finance and banking, healthcare, or also for regulating our real-time routine.  Implementation of this technology reduces the errors which cause some sort of distractions in the applications.

Likewise, efficient AI with its upgrade versions applies by Airfio across cryptocurrency market.

Airfio is the one of the famous firm taken a step for adopting the artificial intelligence AI in the blockchain era. Its well-structured high-end application will make the transactions instant and seamless. With AI, all the application is effective and that will consume less time to accomplish specific applications.


End consumers will experience the amazing services because most of the Airfio products are AI based. Airfio is introducing 21 lines of products to streamline cryptocurrency transactions. Since the products of the Airfio are very appealing built on machine learning technologies.

Airfio has lightened up with its own cryptocurrency known as ARF. Airfio is also planning to introduce its ATM for the user convenient for feasible deposits and withdrawals along with the Airfio Visa which will provide the finest experiences of crypto finance. Besides, its product comprises an Assistant application, mining application, ARF (the crypto-coin), the Visa cards, SDK, and the ATM’s eventually be launching in a couple of years.

Additional programs & Campaigns:

Users can also earn free ARF tokens through its several referral programs and bounty campaigns at Airfio. Lending and staking program that provide additional benefit to users participating in Airfio network.

Airfio ICO

By the mid of November, the Airfio is launching its ico. The keen investors who are seeking the best platform for their investment can apply for crowdfunding.

Airfio pre-ICO will start to form the 16th of November 2017. Investors can experience the new features headed by the application of AI. Since the processes associating with the servers are fully automated. Thus, it has allotted 10 million tokens for its pre-ICO sale.

The investors who are planning to participate in Airfio’s bounty program can sign in and tap on a bounty. The dashboards will assist you with various tasks which anybody can easily claim and earn Airfio’s free token after the ICO sale.

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