Additional Layer Of Security Provided By Deep Web Bitcoin Mixer BestMixer.IO

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Dec 5, 2018


Deep web bitcoin mixer BestMixer’s Tor-compatible website delivers a level of security and anonymity found nowhere else in the industry.

When crypto is applicable on the surface web or the deep web, it is crucial to make sure that all transactions are done anonymously. There will always be those that seek to track crypto transaction details, or try to obtain personal details for nefarious reasons.

One way of achieving this is by using third-party deep web bitcoin mixer or coin tumbling services. These services will exchange your crypto with crypto from other users, obscuring the details of the transaction including the amount and addresses involved in the process. It is also possible to randomize transfer amounts by splitting transaction or applying delayed payments.

As a start, launched its revolutionary Coin Anonymization Event (CAE) checks. This caused quite a stir in the market as the service of most of its competitors were proven not to be anonymous. Whilst the culprits have since improved their security and now pass the CAE-checks, did not stop there in their drive to become the most secure and anonymous deep web bitcoin mixer available.

Impressive list of industry firsts by

The list of industry firsts revealed by is impressive, and includes not only features to improve security and anonymity, but also aims at helping new users use the service easily and effectively:

• A Tor-compatible website version. Users that value their privacy are always familiar with Tor (The Onion Router) software available for anonymous communication.
• A video tutorial on how to mix coins correctly guides users step-by-step on how to use the site.
• The Mixing Strength Meter. This unique feature helps new users ensure that they are applying the correct mixing principles before they actually submit their order.
• To improve the anonymity of transactions, BestMixer has recently released a feature that provides three types of reserves. The detail of this methodology is available below.

Most bitcoin mixers use a pool of funds where the deposits from users are placed and then exchanged for different coins in the same pool coming from other users. Users are guarantee that they will never receive crypto that they have used before.

What are the pools, BestMixer uses?

BestMixer refers to this pool as the Alpha pool. It has recently launched two additional, new pools – the Beta pool and the Gamma pool. The Beta pool reserves are made up from huge transactions in the Alpha pool, which  increases investors’ coins and their own private reserves, while the Gamma pool is exclusively funding from private reserves and attracting investors’ coins.

The deep web bitcoin mixer charges a 1% services fee on transactions done with the Alpha pool. This decreases to 0.5% when a cumulative code is applicable. The service fee for both the Beta and Gamma pools is higher. As maintenance cost for these are higher than for the Alpha pool.

To protect your bitcoin transactions on the web, your cryptocurrency transactions should always be fully anonymous. This is also truer if you transact on the deep web. The best deep web bitcoin mixer around is undoubtedly With their guaranteed anonymity and multiple layers of security, they are far ahead of any of their competitors.

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Tor: http://bestmixer7o57mba.onion/

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PR Manager

Press release about recent ICOs, announcement from startups, new cryptocurrency launch by firms and unlike.

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