Active Yield Funds – a decentralized innovation offering an alternative to BlockFi

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Jul 15, 2021


Stacker Venture’s Active Yield Funds blend human management with code-based capital controls to create an easy-to-use method of generating lasting high returns.

Active Yield Funds provide investors with a simple and transparent option to access investment-grade yields in DeFi.‌

With gas costs barring most DeFi users from turning a profit, a tough learning curve for the average crypto investor, and a dangerous lack of transparency from centralized yield products (which now have over $30 billion in AUM), we see a huge opportunity to build something better.‌

Active Yield Funds are managed, yield-seeking funds that retain decentralized control of capital while efficiently investing pooled funds in whitelisted strategies. These funds capitalize on the highest investment-grade yield, possibly even before the yield aggregators do.‌

The method is to pool capital in a decentralized vault, which invests in strategies selected by a Managing Farmer. While the Managing Farmer can make decisions as to what strategies these funds are invested in, these strategies must adhere to a strict whitelist managed by the Stacker Ventures DAO.

Mainnet strategies include ETH, wBTC, and USDC, currently with over $10 million in TVL. To further enhance the potential of these user-friendly vaults, Stacker Ventures has also launched a dedicated USDC vault on Polygon to offer lower fees and faster transaction speeds.

Why Stacker Ventures Active Yield Funds?

  • Transparent

This completely on-chain vault is managed by smart contracts, with third-party audits completed by Haechi Labs.

  • Low-risk technical structure

The inclusion of a Managing Farmer to control strategies removes many of the threats that fully code-based yield aggregators are susceptible to.

  • Potential for continuous high yields

Innovative smart contract structure can react quickly to changes in yields and seek out the best opportunities.

Visit to learn more about the Active Yield Funds.

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PR Manager

Press release about recent ICOs, announcement from startups, new cryptocurrency launch by firms and unlike.

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