Accelerating Adoption of Utopia P2P


The Utopia P2P ecosystem has been through many challenges since its official release on November 18, 2019. But with every obstacle, the team and the community have persevered. After rebuilding the mining bot from scratch in order to secure the long-term stability and performance of the ecosystem, we witnessed the mining bot count go from zero to now over 30,000 distributed around the world as of early September 2021.


Robust UAM Mining Bot

The upgraded requirements for mining were controversial upon initial introduction, but the enhancement to our ecosystem has been significant and welcomed by our community. Websites started loading faster and channel chat became smoother.

UUSD Revolutionizes Stablecoins

Tether (USDT) is one of the most popular cryptocurrencies in the world because many users see it as a refuge from the volatility of the industry. However, it carries significant weaknesses, as the backing is not transparent, wallets are vulnerable to seizure and transactions are not private. DAI was an upgrade to USDT in that it added censorship resistance by using the Ethereum blockchain. Utopia took things one step further by adding complete privacy to the equation in the form of UUSD, with transparent backing in the form of DAI.

Mobile App on the Horizon

Adoption of Utopia P2P continues to accelerate as the value proposition of the ecosystem keeps growing. Users are now eagerly anticipating the impending release of the much-touted Utopia P2P mobile application which will help bring our beloved ecosystem to the masses.

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