All You Need To Know About Bitcoin Mining with H2Hashes

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Jan 31, 2022


The word “Mining” in the crypto field is related to the process of mining cryptocurrencies, most often Bitcoin.

If you decide to start mining, it is important to understand that in addition to earning money, you support the stability of the selected cryptocurrency.

For example, bitcoin miners not only receive 12.5 BTC rewards for the block found (in May, after the next halving, this figure will decrease to 6.25 BTC), but also confirm transactions on the network: they help every cryptocurrency holder without failures and delays in sending and receiving payments.

Miners verify transactions, confirm and write them into a block. Blockchain is a chain of interconnected blocks. When most miners copy the last block, the transactions will be executed.

The most relevant method for enthusiasts today is GPU mining. It consists in calculating the hashing algorithm using video cards – your home computer may be suitable for this. Ideally, a mining farm is going to be assembled from 6-8 video cards with a powerful power supply and an Internet connection.

This mining method is convenient because video cards are convertible goods, in which case they can be sold. In addition, cards usually have a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Large mining farms can be classified as industrial options. This category includes special devices (ASICs) for mining BTC (and not only).

Current models are expensive while consuming a lot of electricity, require a separate approach to cooling, and, in addition, are noisy, so this is not the best option for single miners. However, with the right investment and cheap electricity, it can be very profitable.

Despite the difficulties in purchasing farm components, mining remains a viable way to make money even now.

However, single miners have little chance of making money mining popular cryptocurrencies. Therefore, it is better to join a mining pool and receive more income. One of the popular solutions of 2021 is cloud mining.

Cloud mining allows you to use the computing power of data centers and mine cryptocurrencies without the need to purchase the appropriate hardware, software, spend money on electricity, communications, etc.

Cloud mining is great for those who are not very tech-savvy and are not ready to assemble equipment on their own or customize the software.

It is also a suitable option for people living in countries with high electricity costs (e.g. Germany). Cloud mining allows you to mine cryptocurrency in places where electricity is much more affordable.

Many companies are choosing renewable green energy sources.

H2Hashes provides their clients with an ecological cloud mining service – data centers are located in places where wind, solar, and hydrogen energy are concentrated. It doesn’t matter who you are: a beginner or a professional.

The user just needs to register an account and buy one of the many mining contracts. Each contract differs in price and amount of leased capacity.

Different durations allow you to remain flexible with the high volatility of cryptocurrencies.

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PR Manager

Press release about recent ICOs, announcement from startups, new cryptocurrency launch by firms and unlike.

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