3 Reasons Why Uniglo (GLO) Will Overtake Flow (FLOW) and Algorand (ALGO) In The Race To Top 20

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    Aug 15, 2022


    Michael Saylor, the founder microstrategy , holders of more bitcoin org than God (or any other corporate treasury), recently tweeted that volatility is the price you pay for gains. That’s never been truer than in the nascent altcoin market. Most altcoins have been around for just a few years. However, it’s become apparent that low-cap and mid-cap altcoins tend to outperform higher-cap coins like ETH, ADA, and SOL in bull markets. But they’re also much more volatile. 

    Two of these lower-cap, higher-volatility altcoins that are favorites of hodlers are algorand (ALGO) and (FLOW). Both are layer-1 that offer use cases that are similar to ethereum . And fans of both claim that their blockchain will break into the top 20 at some point soon. 

    However, they face some stiff competition from a new breed of investment DAOs that are taking the crypto world by storm. One such project is Uniglo (GLO).

    Uniglo (GLO) — A crypto investment DAO

    Uniglo has a really good shot at becoming the first DeFi token to see mass adoption. This is because it makes crypto investing just about as simple as it can possibly get. All you have to do to get a piece of a diverse basket of cryptocurrencies is to buy and hold the GLO token. And it’s not just cryptocurrencies. The treasury can include any digital asset on the blockchain including bluechip NFTs and tokenized real-world assets such as gold, rarities, collectibles, and even possibly tokenized real estate.

    That’s quite a portfolio. It would take a ton of research time and investment management to piece together a portfolio like this on your own. And the Uniglo treasury can include stuff most people can’t afford to invest in on their own budget.

    History has also shown that the best time to fill a bag with a DeFi token is before the platform actually launches and while the token is still in an initial coin offering (ICO). Thankfully, GLO fits the bill again. GLO won’t be available on exchanges until mid-October, just a couple of months away. Meanwhile, you can get in on the private presale at the website (if it hasn’t sold out). After that GLO token becomes eternally deflationary (a constantly falling circulating supply).

    The current price is just $0.0125. It’s actually up 25% since the presale started. This is because at the end of each monthly presale round a number of tokens are burned thus raising the price for the next round. This gives people an incentive to get in as early as possible. Moreover, if it hasn’t sold out, any unsold tokens will be burned prior to launch. This could greatly increase the price of the token as it goes onto exchanges. 

    One more thing. uniglo is a DAO — that is a distributed autonomous organization. That means its operations are up to the community of GLO token holders. Holders get to vote on which assets to invest in, when to take profits, and how many tokens to burn with those profits. Or they can just sit back and enjoy the ride and let everyone else do the work. 

    DAOs are the future of finance. Here’s a chance to get in on a DAO that has the potential to blast its way past FLOW and ALGO and launch into the top 20 cryptocurrencies.  

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    Crypto Journalist and Editor of guest articles in CoinPedia. I am also handling Outreach & Partnerships Manager. Contact me: [email protected]

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