This Will Be the Year for Privacy Tokens Mark My Words Says, John Mcafee

Since the past few days, the BTC price is showing a strong bearish effect as the coin slopped down from $12000 and was trading around $11,000. On July 15th, Bitcoin has seen major price fall reaching $10,000.

In the last 24 hours, the Bitcoin price has even tested the support levels near $9,992.01.

John McAfee, a British-American computer programmer,  businessman, and also the US Presidential Candidate 2020. Apart from this, he is one of the most interesting and most popular public figures in the crypto industry. 

McAfee is an altcoin believer. He believes the real money will be made during the altcoin season. On July 15th, John claimed that this will be the year for privacy tokens Mark my words

Recently he claimed that  “Altcoin shall rise ‘10x’ as BTC Price Breaks $12k”. 

Privacy coins are the future

Previously, On June 26th McAfee tweeted that “privacy coins will be the next big thing, and you can’t take that away”. McAfee refers privacy coins to a growing category of cryptocurrencies that aim to be private and fast.

In follow-up tweets, he added that it’s a “mathematical certainty that the growth you are seeing is a yawn compared to what’s coming,” hinting the price of some cryptocurrencies will surge in the future.

He also responded to a few users clarifying that he was referring to growth some altcoins especially those in the medical field and in privacy coins. When asked which coins he would recommend, McAfee pointed highlighted Monero (XMR), Zcash (ZEC), MTC, Apollo, and Safex.

Basically, Privacy coins are the cryptocurrencies that hide data about its users. They specialize in keeping you and your transactions hidden. They also often keep away the amount of cryptocurrency traded and held in wallets.

McAfee also revealed that he believes the recent bullish trend that saw bitcoin reaching $13,400 will continue, but will also briefly be reversed. In the long run, Bitcoin will break records that will only be exceeded by alt coins, in a phenomenon that will go down in history as the single most important economic upheaval since the invention of minted coins”.

Recently, John also launched  “Bitcoin Play” app that lets users earn cryptocurrency while testing their knowledge, as well as a bitcoin debit card that can be used anywhere where Visa cards are accepted.

What’s your View on John McAfee’s Bitcoin Price Prediction? 

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