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NFT Space Bleeds, Theta Price & Chiliz Price Plunges Hard


    Theta Price shells out huge profits with the price restricted below $7.5

    Chiliz price drains out with a huge margin yet sustained above the $0.2 levels

    Enjin coin price slumps back to the levels close to $1, may also lose these levels if the decline continues

Theta Price Down By 15%

Theta price with the fresh slump declines massively shedding most of its gains. The price, despite initiating with an uptrend, flipped into bearish divergence thereafter. Despite a heavy sell-off, the price still remains above the strong support levels, giving hope for recovery very soon.


Considering the trading volume, despite a 56% jump, yet the volume was for heavy selling, yet recorded little lower levels than that of the mid-may crash. The asset had almost fully recovered from the crash and was on the verge to revisit the higher levels. However, the present-day slash dragged the price to lower levels.


At the time of writing the Theta price is $7.22 with a drop of 14.78% in the past 24 hours. However, the price stood strong above the strong support levels. And hence the probability of an upcoming uptrend also rises. On the other hand, if the plunge continues and breaks the support levels, the price may level down to its initial zones below $3.

Technical Specifications

  • The resistance levels are at $9.69
  • The support levels are at $5.94
  • Indicators point out towards a sell signal

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Chiliz Price Declines More Than 17%

Chiliz Price was among the tokens that gained the limelight within a short span of time. The price rose enormously and hit the highest levels before initiating a plunge. However, with the second round of rally, the price successfully recorded the highest levels, yet failed to sustain within these zones.

The price kept on attempting to revist the lost levels, yet the bears aggravated to keep the trend within the descending channel. However, post the mid-may crash, the price flipped into a parallel channel and interestingly, the lower levels are still not visited. Therefore one can expect a perfect bounce at these levels.


At the time of writing, the CHZ price is $0.2394 with a drop of 17.59% compared to that of the previous trading day. Its important for the price to trend above the strong support levels in-order to keep the bullish momentum intact. Else visiting levels close to $1.5 may be imminent.

Technical Specifications

  • The resistance levels are at $0.33
  • The support levels are at $0.16
  • Indicators point out towards sell signal

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