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Top Four Decentralized NFT Apps Now Drive $10 Million in Daily Volume


The pace at which NFTs are rising high is hinting towards no signs of slowing down after various artists and celebrities have generated vast amounts of sales.


According to DappRadar in the last 24 hours, $10.57 million worth of NFT sales happened on NBA Top Shot, CryptoPunks, Mooncats, and Sorare together.

The NBA Top Shot online marketplace partnered with Dapper labs to make its version of a collectible digital asset. It is one of the top four decentralized NFT apps with more than $10 million daily volume. According to decentralized application data aggregator DappRadar there are 30,944 dealers driving 30,372 transactions worth $4.62 million over the past 24 hours.

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With a daily volume of $4.28 million, CryptoPunks ranks second in the list. CryptoPunks are 24×24 pixel art images developed algorithmically that were originally released by Larva Labs, a New York-based software firm, in 2017. 2,199 CryptoPunks have been sold in the previous months on the marketplace earning a jaw-dropping $100 million in total sales.

Mooncats collectibles DApp ranks third with a daily volume of $1.02 million. MoonCats were most hyped on the Ethereum NFT after Cryptopunks and users are now finding their way onto marketplaces such as OpenSea, where they are selling for a huge markup.

Paris-based ‘digital collectible’ football platform Sorare is up next with volume with $881,700. Established in 2018, Sorare said it has evolved from $60,000 worth of cards traded on the platform in January 2020 to $4.2 million in January 2021. 

Sorare’s 32,894 users pulled off a$5.3 million trade in the past 24 hours. On sorare a unique card featuring legend Cristiano Ronaldo was sold for $290000 breaking the previous record of Los Angeles Lakers’ Lebron James which was sold on NBA top shots for $208000 on Feb 23.

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