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Popular Analyst Josh Rager Brings This Disruptive NFT Project to Light


Well-known Crypto trader and analyst Josh Rager in a recent Tweet sheds light on an NFT project that is not on mainstream watch but has groundbreaking features.


The popularly unknown but exciting NFT project is Zero Utility Token, he says they are doing some great work being under the radar.

It has come up with a new protocol ZUZ which is focused on bringing efficiency, privacy, and value to the NFT market and it’s not like any other NFT project he informs his 11900 Twitter followers.

” They’ve got some really groundbreaking ideas on top of that so make sure to check it out: gasless staking, fractional NFTs, and the ability to mine tokens via NFTs. Not your regular NFT protocol.”

ZUZ protocol built by the Zero Utility Token, the team has built partnerships with layer 2 scaling solutions Polygon and OpenSea, the NFT marketplace. This protocol allows users to build from the existing tool kit, which enables the movement of multiple NFT’s at a lower cost.

However, it is not on CoinGecko yet. On Dextools it has a market cap of $44Million, Rager says it has been up 13X from its initial call.

“I bought public myself, no private allocations here, and public sale price alone is already up 13x. Keep your eyes on ZUZ protocol, exciting stuff to come.”

Rager Has a Take on Bitcoin Too!

He says the bull run will hold good if Bitcoin continues to maintain its level at $55000. 

“BTC is still putting in an uptrend on the daily chart. Trendlines are meant to be broken but as long as price is above $50,000 (above the previous range) I think this continues to push back up to new highs.
People will be calling ‘the top’ at every pullback so get used to it.” his tweet read.

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