NFT Tokens ( Non-Fungible-Tokens)

Elon Musk Hops on the Bandwagon! Selling a Track About NFT as an NFT


CEO of Tesla, and popular billionaire Elon Musk, has entered the nonfungible token hype fest. 


In a recent tweet, he announced the sale of a song about NFT as his first-ever NFT.

There is no complete information yet, it is unclear if it’s already live, as there was no link to the NFT, nor is it known when he intends on selling it and on which platform. 

Right after the tweet, famous artist Beeple, who just auctioned his digital art “Everyday: The first 5000 days” for $6.94 Million, tweeted a reply offering a price of $69 Million for the art, followed by Musk saying 420M Doge to which he replied ‘SOLD’.

So, it seems like he has a buyer, we have to wait and see if it turns to be legit now.

The Techno music track

Does the song have a name yet? Well, that’s not known, but it already has 6.2 million views and a lot of discussion around it. The song is 2.20 minute long, it displays a vanity trophy with words hodl, and computers never sleep on a rotating trophy 

Hodl in slang means hold on for dear life or considered a drunk spelling for hold, which in the crypto world means not to sell your coins. It also has animations of dogs on it, uncannily looks like the Shiba Inu one, maybe hinting at dogecoin which he propagates of.

Previously, Musk’s girlfriend Grimes also sold her collection of Digital art collection named “War Nymph” for $5.8Million. The artworks on the blockchain were auctioned off within a swift 20 Mins, it was sold on the Nifty gateway platform.

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