NFT Tokens ( Non-Fungible-Tokens)

Elon Musk Making Twitter Headlines Once Again. This Time it’s NFTs!!


Elon Musk’s Cryptic Tweet Puts Twitter Into Thinking

Tesla CEO tweeted a picture on Thursday which included a speculatory scene with people celebrating and a man is seen in the corner all by himself with a drink in his hand and with a party hat thinking to himself, “They don’t know I own this song’s non-fungible token.”


Earlier this week Musk had once again taken Twitter by storm by making an announcement that he had put up a song about NFTs on sale as an NFT. 

The NFT based video linked to the song Musk tweeted to Twitter on Monday exhibits the words “Vanity Trophy” revolving around a golden globe affixed to the top of a literal trophy which read “HODL, ”. The trophy also has tiny gold dogs, or “doges” revolving around it, too.

Musk Apparently Changed His Mind on NFT Sale!

Musk did not involve a link to the NFT, so it’s not apparent if it’s available live or if Musk schedules to commence the sale at a delayed date. It’s also not evident on which platform Musk plans to sell the NFT.

This was because Musk then reversed his decision on selling the song saying, “Actually doesn’t feel quite right selling this. Will pass.”

Even though the song doesn’t actually go live for sale, the intensity and hype it created online were remarkable. The hype can be measured by the fact that Musk’s song fascinated a buyer in the form of the artist Beeple, who proposed $69 million for it.

Canadian artists Grimes, Banksy, and Lindsay Lohan are just some of the few artists who have negotiated art as NFTs.

Altogether, NFTs have allowed artists more space in the market, enabling them to both create whatever art they’d like, and choose where the art will be sold.

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