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Analyst Ben Armstrong Bets on 3 Gaming-Based NFT’s to Surge 100x This Year


Popular Crypto trader and analyst Ben Armstrong AKA BitBoy Crypto on YouTube, in an interview with Carl Martin, discuss about the NFT market. The analyst believes 3 NFT projects have the potential to soar high this year, namely WAX(WAXP), Sandbox(SAND), and Enjin(ENJ). He also explains his trick to pick the coins for investment is to look out for the big names in the market.

Top 3 NFT Tokens Poised For Massive Surge

First up on the radar is World Wide Asset Exchange(WAX),  the popular marketplace for NFT’s and decentralized video game platforms. WAX happens to have a great track record, with every launch of the company being successful in the past. Hence, he thinks it’s a good bet.

“…when you look at something like WAX, I don’t even think it’s in the top 100 right now. This project that everything they launch is successful. every single game that WAX itself, not the blockchain but the company WAX that’s behind the blockchain, everything they launch does phenomenally. So I think there’s still a lot of opportunity with WAX”.

The second-best pick is Sandbox(SAND), the virtual gaming world built on the Ethereum platform. He says, not to sleep on Sandbox, as it is a promising space with a lot of features similar to that of Decentraland.

He further explained,

“Sandbox is another one very similar to Decentraland(MANA), virtual real estate, within the gaming world. kind of almost like a Metaverse, like Ready Player One kind of deal where you own virtual real estate, and then people are going to be able to build like Minecraft type of stuff on the SAND game.”

The third pick by the analyst was Enjin(ENJ), Although he didn’t speak much about the functioning of the space, he hinted at having inside information of what Enjin’s been up to.

He calls it the behemoth leader of the space who is here to stay.

“I actually got some inside scoops on stuff Enjin is doing on the backend with some more stuff coming down in the pipeline and it’s really exciting. I’d definitely say wait for the dip on that one”.

The interview was on Carl Martin’s Youtube Channel with 346K subscribers named ‘The Moon’.

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