Crypto Gainers August 6: ZIL, ZCash, Bitcoin. How Long it Holds?

The ongoing alt season is sure what we have been waiting for. It feels like many altcoins are trying to catch up with the tides as we observe new players entering into the gainer’s zone.

Our list today features Zilliqa, Zcash, and BTC altogether making decent profits to leave their investors in gains. With Zilliqa [ZIL] leading on in this category, Zcash also makes the list with its 11.3% 24-hour profit.

#1. Zcash (ZEC 11.31% Gain):

For the first time this week, Zcash enlists our list of top gainers. The leading cryptocurrency is first on this list having gained around 11.31% within the last 24 hours. 

The coin’s market stance is relatively positive as traders incline to establish long positions in the wish of prospective gains. 81% of traders are bullish on ZEC. 

Zcash is managing some community uprising and has instructed node operators to conduct a version boost to the latest available. This may be part of the reasons for a short term bullish sentiment. 

Within the last year, ZEC is down 18% and up by 22% in the last one month. The coin is currently trading at $61.97 with market cap stabilizing at $595 million. 

#2. Zilliqa (ZIL 11.14% Gain):

Zilliqa makes the second spot among the second wave of top gainers with 11.14%.

Zilliqa [ZIL] gains comes amid several weeks of sideways movement which in turn, is instigating a bull market within the last day.

ZIL is currently trading at $0.020 amid a market cap $228 million. The coin’s exchange volume within the last 24 hours is hovering around $68 million.

Technical Points

ZIL broke there resistance at $0.0198 to surpass the level. Eventually, the coin rose all the way to $0.0205 with a 12% profit.

Beyond this level, the next level ofajor resistance lies at $0.021 where prices have tested and failed in the past.

* Next major resistance $0.021

* Next major support at $0.0195

* RSI at oversold condition at 25.0

#3. Bitcoin (BTC 3.45% Gain):

Bitcoin is the third coin on the list of top gainers today. The top cryptocurrency according to CoinMarket Cap yield to be the top crypto by market capitalization, its revenue since yesterday is smaller when correlated to its top competitors.

Bitcoin’s market awareness remains overly bullish with roughly 87% eager in extra earnings as the trading day matures.

Bitcoin has been able to double up gains obtained since the last day. At the time, BTC is up 15.3% in the 1-year timeline and also increased 17.2% within the last week.

Technical Points

Bitcoin will likely break the resistance at $11,800 and press forward. Although the RSI is horizontal at the 50.0 level, the coin has broken major resistance at $11,500.

* The next level of major support is $11,500

* Next level of major resistance is $11,800

* RSI is horizontal at 50.0 and further movement will be determined by the next direction of the RSI.

The coin is now trading at $11,648 amid $202 billion market cap.

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