Zeux Announces The Zeux Token Sale On LATOKEN

Zeux is a world’s first digital banking solution which provides a simpler way to pay, bank and invest by integrating all these services onto one place. All of these get integrated onto the Zeux App.


Zeux is UK-based, which was found in 2017, aims to transform existing complicated financial services. It also aims to combine all the money essentials from both Fiat and Crypto world. Basically with the aim to help its users towards financial freedom.

At present the Zeux is live in UK and will be available in Europe later this year. Also, it will cover the rest of the world by 2020. Notably, the Zeux App is available on Android as well as Apple devices. The banking solution, Zuex is already in cooperation with Coinbase, IOTA, NEO, NEM, VeChain, Fusion, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, LexisNexis, and BitcoinSV.

There is no fees for account opening, money transfers, top up or crypto payment commissions. You can easily join Zeux’s token sale on LATOKEN through this link:


LATOKEN has a mission to connect contributors and investors with entrepreneurs. It does not give any investment, legal, tax, financial advice or warranty of token price performance or successful fundraising. Although it involves high risks, investing or contributing in venture stage tokens can be a great way to build a better future.

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