Why Is Zeux Listing QTUM On Its Digital Payment Wallet?

Author: Sohrab Khawas

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    The London-based Fintech firm, Zeux, lists QTUM on its digital payment wallet. Hence allowing all the users to spend QTUM for all point-of-payments. Zeux is a FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) authorised company providing various services on a single platform of the Zeux App.

    Basically, the company does not charge any fees to its end customers for creating account, money transfers, top-ups or crypto payment commissions. The Chief Information Officer of the Foundation elaborates on this aspect saying,

    We’re excited that Zeux has added QTUM to its app. This adds a tremendous amount of additional utility for our valued community who can now use QTUM for all point-of-sale payments with merchants that accept Apple Pay, and Samsung Pay. Zeux has created a seamless way for people to use crypto in their day-to-day lives without the friction of choosing from a select group of merchants who accept crypto directly.

    This mobile application is accordant with both iOS and Android devices. The firm  also made an announcement that it would release a new ‘multi-function’ application. This will be live in April and also will be available in Europe.

    The Founder and CEO of Zeux, Zhou elaborated saying,

    We’re excited to add QTUM to our list of cryptocurrency chains. We believe Qtum is leading the way in mass adoption of smart contracts by providing simplicity, security and flexibility. Zeux will now provide Qtum holders extra utility by providing them a way to pay at any point-of-sale terminal with Apple Pay or Samsung Pay.

    Many retail stores including 7-Eleven, Nike, Macy’s as well as Starbucks now accept the apps, Apple Pay and Samsung Pay.

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