ZeroLink anonymizer tool creator called for participants in the final test

Although it is possible to use Chaumian CoinJoin and HiddenWallet to eliminate network level tracking of transactions and network analysis, examining of transaction chains and other transaction metadata in Bitcoin transactions. Thus, it is possible for attackers to recognize some patterns in these transactions.

ZeroLink is a tool created by Chief Redditor of TumbleBit, a Bitcoin mixer, that protects its users from blockchain analysis and creator of HiddenWallet.

The team has built a prototype where ZeroLink is integrating into HiddenWallet. Since they are preparing the final test on Bitcoin Testnet and are calling on users to participate. However, testers can claim $10 after the test is complete by sending an email to the creator.

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Users willing to participate can start tumbling right now and let it run. And wait for the peers to join and the mixing round will start off. The conditions to be fulfilling for the mixing round to start is either 100 users. It must be joining the network or 21 users joining to the mix after December 20 10 p.m. London Time (5 PM in New York, 2 PM in San Francisco and Dec. 21 (Thursday) 6 AM in Taipei.).

The minimum anonymity set for a CoinJoin transaction to be publishing on the Bitcoin test network is 100. Thus, it will be releasing on the main network if this condition reaches well. However, it won’t be releasing on the mainnet if the test fails or under 21 users start tumbling.

See more details here and on this link.


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