Tug-of-War Between Youtube & Crypto Community Comes to an End?

The Penultimate week of 2019 saw Crypto Community in distress. Google’s Youtube Video streaming media had asked Crypto influencers to remove the educational videos citing Guidelines Violations. The Youtube team had allegedly removed certain videos even after the account holders had promised to remove the videos. 

This had resulted in the crypto community taking strict measures. Not only they were forced to remove the videos, but Youtube had also compared these educational videos to the same stature as porn. It did not sit well with most of the Crypto Youtubers. The social media was all about this Youtube Video purge for the last 2-3 days. 

Check some of the Youtubers tweeting their disbelief on these guidelines strike – 

Crypto Community Taking Active Measures

Some of the influencers have lost faith in Youtube and seeks other media to stream their videos. CEO of Blockstack proposes to create a decentralized Youtube.

One of the influencers who goes by the name Ivan on Tech has set all his crypto educational videos to private till strike resolves.

Some in the Bitcoin and cryptocurrency industry have vowed to challenge the decision.

“YouTube deleting all Crypto content is a massive blow to the industry,” Ran NeuNer, host of the CryptoTrader show on CNBC Africa, said via Twitter.

“YouTube is the go-to place for an educational video and the first port of call for new people entering the ecosystem to learn the basics. As a community, we should challenge this formally.”

Youtube & Crypto community End of the Tug-of-War?

Earlier today, Influencer @themooncarl who runs the biggest Bitcoin Youtube channel tweeted Youtube’s official reply on this unexpected purge. It seems that the video content purge was a mistake from Youtube’s end. The team quotes

“Hey there, this was an error on our side during the review process – your video should be reinstated and strikes resolved. Let us know if you’re seeing otherwise!”

Although Youtube gave an official reply, there is no clarity on why the team had decided to remove crypto videos. The team also claims that they will reinstate the deleted videos but content creators have a different story. The videos are not yet restored as per the creators’ claims. 

“This “mistake” created some serious issues for us YouTubers.” quotes Moon.

We can say this Youtube debacle has come to an end with this reply. However, there is no guarantee that such an argument won’t reoccur. 

Is it still worth to use such centralized video streaming solutions or the crypto community should focus on building its own platform? Let us know your views on Facebook and Twitter.

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