Indian Top YouTuber’s channel “CarryIsLive” hacked for Bitcoin & Ethereum


    India’s one of the top Youtuber Ajey Nagar’s Youtube Channel ‘CarryIsLive’ has reportedly been hacked.

    The hacker tried to promote a Bitcoin-related scam on his gaming youtube channel, streamed two live videos.

    This incident comes shortly after many popular twitter accounts were hacked.

Indian Youtuber Ajey Nagar, commonly known as ‘Carrymianti’ took on the twitter to inform about the hack on his youtube channel in the early hours of Saturday. 


The gaming channel of carrymianti where he shared the gaming videos was attacked. The hacker asked for Bitcoin and Ethereum donations to a specific address. This hack has been plotted in a similar manner as the recent Twitter attack. CarryMinati’s youtube channel was a home for over 6.67 Million Subscribers with around 612 youtube videos.

However, the attacker reportedly changed the contents of the streaming of the channel and ran a bitcoin scam. He changed the contents of two videos asking for Bitcoin and Ethereum.

The first video was titled ‘Ethereum Earning Call’ that claimed giving free Bitcoin and Etherum and the second video was tittle ‘Charity Stream Help Assam & Bihar’  asking people to donate a particular account in the name of the recent Assam and Bihar floods.

Recently, carryminanti through his youtube channel, raised more than INR 10 lac charity fund to help Assam and Bihar flood-hit victims. 

Hence, the attacker used the same scenario to promote the Bitcoin scam. However, the attack came to light within minutes and necessary action has been initiated.

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