Crypto Tokens Losing Value on August 24th: YFI, AMPL, MIOTA. Opportunity for Investors to buy in Dip?

Author: Dare Shonubi

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Certified cryptocurrency expert and Blockchain journalist covering crypto market analysis and general Blockchain adoption and development.

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Story Highlights
  • YFI does a retracement, plunges back to $13,182

  • AMPL enters the bear market again for the second time this week

  • MIOTA accrues minor loss, moves towards $0.386773

Amid disappointing losses recorded within a plunging total crypto market capitalization in the last day, many altcoins are carrying the brunt of the market forces.

In the last 24 hours, YFI is seen to have a minor 2% loss. AMPL and MIOTA, however, are nurturing the common touch with little fewer percentage losses too.

This version of market watch sheds light on the top market losers of the past 24 hours for investors to consider before diving into investing in their desired cryptocurrencies.

#1. (YFI): 

YFI had a neat market grasp within the last 24 hours. In the timeframe described, the coin received around 2.7% loss to balance up a week-long market gain which accumulated to around 110%.

At the time of writing this piece, YFI is trading at $13,183.49 while plunging towards the $13,000 mark. This is about a 150% difference in the biweekly time frame.

The coin overcame the $14,000 resistance level but failed the next opposition at $14,100. Before midday, FYI tested the price level at $14,100 but failed to break the level properly. It later fell below to build key support at $14,000.

Within the last 30 days, FYI gained around 1,000% to register a substantial profit amid the top gainer’s cryptocurrencies of the ongoing bull season.

  • Next level of major resistance at $14,200
  • Next level of major support at $14,000
  • RSI has leveled out at the 90.0 level and seems to need a slight retracement.

#2. Ampleforth (AMPL):

AMPL receives the next spot amidst this wave of market losers with 3.2%loss

AMPL is immediately changing hands at $0.764018 as the market capitalization sinks to $242 million. The coin’s exchange volume in the last 24 hours is approximately $23 million.

Technical Points

AMPL halted at the resistance level at $0.715 to crash below the level. Finally, the coin dipped all the way to $0.711 with a 12% loss

Below this level, the additional level of key resistance lies at $0.73 where prices have assessed and declined in the past.

  • Next major resistance $0.73
  • Next major support at $0.70
  • RSI approaching overbought condition at 70.0


MIOTA  is down by 2.97% in the last 24 hours. The coin’s market sentiment is almost evenly distributed with 55% positivity.

MIOTA is still up by nearly 60% since last year and up by 1.0% since the last hour. However, the coin improved by 52.5% within the last month and is up by around 2.7% in the last seven days.

MIOTA is currently trading at $0.38 with its 24-hour market cap stable at $1 billion. In addition, the coin’s exchange volumes within the last day are $30 million.

Technical Indicators

  • Next major resistance level at $0.40
  • Next key support at $0.36
  • RSI at 10.0 oversold condition
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Dare Shonubi

Certified cryptocurrency expert and Blockchain journalist covering crypto market analysis and general Blockchain adoption and development.

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