Yahoo Japan to purchase minor stakes in Tokyo-based cryptocurrency exchange

Yahoo Japan has fetched 40 percent of a Tokyo-based cryptocurrency exchange that is set to release in upcoming days. The investment has made its BitARG exchange through a Yahoo Japan subsidiary which provides a company with the minority stake. It is a BitARG parent company CMD laboratory that manages 60 percent ownership of the exchange.


As per a source, the deal is going on about 2-3 billion yen or $18-28 million. The trade is planning to launch in the autumn season of the year 2018.

Yahoo Japan stated that “By utilizing the service operation and security expertise of the Yahoo group.  However the team supports the operation of exchanges which is been operated by BitArgo Exchange Tokyo. Further, they added that it is aiming to provide services which are easy, simple and safe to utilize”.

Reports relating to Yahoo Japan

There were fabrications on an acquisition that appeared in the month of March. Meanwhile it was indicating that Yahoo Japan is making an investment through its forex transaction platform like YJFX and not through Z Corporation.

Last month, one of the sources revealed that the deal is in progress. Therefore, Yahoo Japan is planning to utilize BitARG’s technology to release its own cryptocurrency exchange in the year 2019.

Japan’s progress

As Japan is the fastest moving country in the field of industries and development, it has around three million domestic crypto traders. The news of Yahoo Japan’s investment is in progress after country’s financial regulator decreed crypto exchanges Eternal link and FSHO to cease operations to insufficient KYC Procedures.

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