XRPL Labs Proposes to Bring XRP Payment Plugin to WooCommerce


Ripple is a crucial initiator for fast cross-border payments with limited fees, which is one of the reasons that the whole xRapid network works. Ripple has managed to bring an entirely new level to cryptocurrency by all of these features.


How Is The Token Bought To Mainstream?

According to tweets by Wietse Wind, a Ripple-backed startup is intending to bring the token to mainstream by means of e-commerce.

WooCommerce $XRP #hackathon – Bounty: 500 XRP from me + 500 XRP from @XRPTrump + {who’s adding more XRP to the bounty!?} ?
Requirements in attached image. Invite me to your Github Repo if you’re ready ?— Wietse Wind (@WietseWind) March 7, 2019

For the next two to three years, Ripple has funded XRPL Labs, led by Wietse Wind and there is a new bounty available for developers. All they have to do is create a plugin that should connect WooCommerce and XRP. The bounty has already gained 3,000 XRP, which amounts to about $950 and moreover, anyone can contribute to this bounty.

$XRP Hackathon to create WooCommerce plugin using Webhooks that @baltazar223 created weeks ago!! @WietseWind & I have added 500 XRP each to the BOUNTY because we think eCommerce will make XRP shine! Want to ADD to bounty? RETWEET. @haydentiff @kcool081003— Dr. T ㊙️⚡️ (@XRPTrump) March 7, 2019

Also, about 3.3 million websites use WooCommerce and is one of the leading payment platforms on the web, and it is also feasible to work within WordPress. Also, as per the data from W3Techs, 33% of all websites present on the internet use WordPress.

Currently, XRPL is working on multiple projects like decentralized exchange, an operating system that supports cold crypto storage and mobile wallet, among other items. Xpring, the investment wing of XRP contributed to the bounty without revealing the amount. However, later everyone got to know that enough contribution could support Wind’s work while adding two employees to the efforts.

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