XRP Bullish Trend to Continue Above $1 if It Clears These Levels


    XRP may surge above $1 levels if successfully clears the resistance levels at $0.68

    One of the XRP whales revealed his XRP holdings which are in millions

Can XRP make above $1 in the next 48 hours?

The entire crypto space is currently very bullish with most of the crypto assets. As the Bitcoin price and Ethereum price surged, halted XRP price also accelerated its bull run.

At present, XRP price is trending at $0.62565 with a gain of 3.29 percent in the last 24 hours. However, the recent plunge in the price has really not affected to a larger extent as the price strongly stood above $0.52 levels.

Currently, it is prominent for the XRP price to surge above $0.68 levels by breaking the triangle upwards. The current resistance levels to be broken are at $0.6478 to proceed to the strong levels at $0.68.

XRP traingle chart

Despite the recent dip, the entire XRP community remained bullish and hence the price sustained above $0.5. The technical indicators point out towards ‘strong buy’. 

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XRP Whale has more than a Million XRP

As XRP is going to the moon, many people predict the price may hit $1 by the end of 2020. The spotlight would be on XRP if it closes above $0.64 as it will be the highest ever monthly close ever in recent times.

With the XRP price expected to exceed $1 soon, some of the whales are revealing their XRP holdings in the public. Recently, the CTO of Ripple, David Schwartz disclosed that he has more than 1 million but less than 10 million XRP during a discussion on Twitter. 

His holdings represent nearly 0.001% or 0.01% of the total XRP supply if it is true which is a big exposure of XRP holdings with a Ripple executive.

Collectively, the XRP price is expected to continue its bullish trend until it hit the target above $1. In the meantime, some slight dumps may be expected but the bull run would continue further. 

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