XRP, BCH, DASH Records Impressive Daily Gains

With an increasing total market capitalization value, it appears the alt season is actually co-existing with the BTC bull trend. Many altcoins recorded massive gains as the entire crypto markets flourished within the last 24 hours.

Leading such revolution are XRP, ERD as well as BCH. With all printing charts in sweet blues, the total market capitalization has soared more than 20% of it’s yesterday’s value and counting.

Our list of top performers today includes the most outstanding performers within the crypto space in the last 24 hours and which of these are likely to continue their present price actions or, as the case may be, reverse the case.

#1. Ripple’s XRP (XRP 7.91% Gain):

Ripple’s XRP leads the second wave of top gainers with an 8% uptrend.

XRP’s vast community remain optimistic about the top cryptocurrency with about 90% bullish votes for the ongoing trading day.

XRP’s chart looks bearish in the one-year timeframe with around 23% loss. Although the coin is up around 30% in the one-month timeframe, more gains we’re accrued within the last two weeks at 20.6%.

XRP is currently trading at $0.24 and its market cap continues to grow towards $10 billion.

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#2. Bitcoin Cash (BCH 8.15% Gain):

Bitcoin Cash comes second on today’s list of gainers with an 8.15% gain.

The top cryptocurrency has a fairly good market sentiment with around 80% of market respondents staying positive about BCH.

Within the last year, the coin is down 11.3% while the one month timeframe looks bullish at 24.8%. Within the last two weeks, Bitcoin cash gained around 16.5% but has lost 0.7% in the last hour.

BCH is currently changing hands at $269.02 with further upside possible in the short term.

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#3. Dash (DASH 7.44% Gain):

Also getting featured for the first time, DASH appears last on today’s second wave of top gainers with roughly 7.5% gain.

With only 12% voters feeling bearish, the market majority think DASH will flow into an intense bull market in the coming days.

DASH had a rough year with 22% loss but the coin gained around 25% since the last 30-days. DASH made profit also in the weekly timeframe while gaining roughly 17.5% till date.

DASH is currently changing hands at $83.19 as it market cap soars to $788 million.

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