XRI (X Road Initiative) Was Listed On Coineal on July 23rd, Will Start Launchpool At The Exchange On 26th


XRI, which is recently gathering attention as a project of virtual space for new businesses, was listed on Coineal. They announced that they will start their launch pool at the exchange on July 26th.


What is XRI?

XRI is the virtual space where blockchain technology and the world’s data intersect. XRoad deploys the decentralized infrastructure needed to serve as the intersection between blockchain technology and the world’s data. This is possible with XRoad Oracle, Decentralized storage, and the XRoad Locker for user-powered interoperability between the off-chain world and smart contracts, as well as for individual data self-sovereignty.XRI (X Road Initiative)

XRI creates a unique metaverse (a virtual space beyond reality) to realize an unprecedented world, like new services and products;

  • Digital NFTs (towns, e-sports stadiums, etc.)
  • Autonomous and decentralized (DAO) business schemes
  • Various revenue models through various business schemes linking the real world and the virtual world

XRoad Oracles

XRoad Oracles effectively and efficiently bridge the connectivity gap between the off-chain data and blockchain smart contracts. Providing the ability for interaction with online sources of information and the ultimate transference of this information to the blockchain.

How XRoad Oracles work?

  1. XRoad Oracle carries out the ever-important tasks of verifying and authenticating data, enabling the smart contract to efficiently execute its logic.
  1. The XRoad project launches with oracles that focus on user data feeds. The primary focus is on user data collection from multiple online sources.
  1. The XRoad Oracles will expand into asset price, exchange rate, and weather temperature information required by a smart contract within a blockchain network.

About Data Feed

You can check the XRoad data feed via the official website:

XRoad supports a broad network of blockchains and is committed to interoperability with all relevant cryptocurrencies. 


Official website :

・White paper :


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