‘Nifty Gateway’ Gets Loaded with Blockchain Digital Art After Acquisition By Winklevoss Brothers

Winklevoss brothers, founder of Gemini Exchange, acquired the blockchain digital art marketplace Nifty Gateway. The artists include Micheal Kagan, Lyle Owerko and Cris Cyborg. Customers will be able to buy and sell digital collectibles from artists.

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A Peek Through Nifty Gateway

  • Winklevoss Twins acquired a digital marketplace for ART called ‘Nifty Gateway’.
  • Each art is token artwork that is unique and can trade similar to cryptocurrencies using blockchain technology.
  • Additionally, This marketplace was set forth with the fine works of two artists and one athlete.

Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss, popularly known as Winklevoss Twins, founder of Gemini Exchange, purchased a digital Art Marketplace called ‘Nifty Gateway’. In addition, Using blockchain technology, this marketplace allows customers to buy and sell digital artworks called collectibles.

What is Nifty Gateway all About??

Nifty Gateway is a digital marketplace where artists sell their art to customers all over the world. Artists like Michael Kagan, Lyle Owerko and MMA athlete Cris Cyborg have displayed their art in this marketplace. New-York based artist Kagan produces art primarily on space travel and futuristic technology. Similarly, Owerko, a Los Angles based artist, whose image of twin tower exploding graced the cover of Times 9/11 issue, Excited about the new journey with Nifty, Owerko said,

“I haven’t done anything like this before, which is all the more reason to do this now.”

And lastly, MMA athlete Cris Cyborg is selling paintings of herself. She tweeted,

The Key Thoughts of Nifty Gateway

  • Primarily, Nifty is focusing on only a few artists. It’s all for the reason not to put up any crypto-collectibles for free. New “exhibitions” will come up every three weeks, on Thursday. Moreover, These will be put up on the front page or under” exhibitions”.
  • Secondly Gemini, the parent company has simplified all the difficult technology. Selling a Nifty on this platform is as simple as selling on eBay as per the company. The security concerns are also prioritized
  • Lastly, the Sale of the artwork on Nifty is in US dollars rather than cryptocurrency where in every art has its own price.

Is Nifty the only one in the market?

Certainly not!! There are many players like R.A.R.E, DADA, Snark, ARTBLAX, CryptoKitties, and OpenSea. Though Winklevoss brothers did not pioneer in this marketplace, a customer might get attracted for numerous reasons as the secured blockchain technology.

The twin brothers were the earliest supporters of cryptocurrency and also the first ‘Prominent virtual currency Billionaires’ in 2013. Winklevoss brothers believe the market for  ‘Nifty’ can become large as art, collectibles and digital gaming combined.

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