The Winklevoss twins are now popularized as world’s first Bitcoin Billionaires

As Bitcoin, the leading cryptocurrency surpasses the high mark of $11000 for the first time.


According to the Telegraph, Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss twins, who were well known for indicting Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook in 2008. Thus, they were claiming that he had stolen the social network idea from them. Thus, they received a $65 million payout in the lawsuit against Zuckerberg.

As per Telegraph,  in 2013, the twins invested $11 mln of the payout in Bitcoin. Later on, at the time mining, the twins ought to pay $120 for every 91666 Bitcoin. Thus, giving them about 1% of all the Bitcoins.

Recently, Bitcoin price is high as skyrocket. At the press time, Bitcoin is trading $11,808.30. It’s believed that the Winklevoss twins are the foremost investors to make the Million-dollar ROI. Thus, the twins stand on as the first bitcoin billionaires.

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Remarkably, in 2006 firstly the twins gained fame after alleged against Mark Zukerberg by claiming that he had stolen their idea of Facebook. Further, in 2009 they received the settlement from Facebook more than $65 million.

Later on, Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss used the Facebook settlement money to invest in Bitcoin. By 2015, they launched Gemini, a bitcoin exchange. Thus, it was the first and foremost currency exchange for Ether.

The Financial times interview in 2016, Tyler Wicklevoss said,

“We wanted to build an exchange that was similar to Nasdaq or NYSE for digital currency”. “And we wanted something that both Wall Street and Main Street felt comfortable with”.

He adds saying that Bitcoin is better than gold. However, the pioneering cryptocurrency was launched in 2009 as controlled by government. Thus, it is now surpassing all the historic records and enjoying a meteoric rise in the value from last year.

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