Former NFL Ricky Williams Says Astrological Research Suggests Him to Invest in Cryptocurrencies


Ricky Williams, Former NFL (National Football League) comes with a traditional ambition. It surprises people that his financial advice is heretical. Williams has spent a lump of his post-football life researching from the field of medicine to astrology. Basically, he says that looking at the present scenario and future of digital currency he takes a decision to invest in cryptocurrencies.


William’s reviews on cryptocurrencies

William tells “When I look at things, I tend to look at astrology to get insight,”. It predicts the astrology chart of cryptocurrencies and thinks to invest in the same.

He adds, “The insight that got me interested in Bitcoin was the placed about to enter into Tauras”. Speaking about Uranus he explains “is about revolution; it’s about a change in the way we do things; it’s about innovation.” And Taurus “is about resources and finances,”.

The reformative theory of Uranus in astrology collaborates with Tauras. It focuses on wealth and finance. Uranus is leading Williams to forecast the future of digital currencies. William asserts we’re going to totally change the way we view and understand, finances.

According to William, “Pluto is going through the astrological sign Capricorn. It elaborates that Pluto is about our structures, like banks for instance.” These few things measure an investment of more than $50,000 of the money in a form a volatile cryptocurrency.

Association of Planets

Further, Williams adds as “I think as people are starting to become disillusioned with our institutions, that things like blockchain and cryptocurrency, it’s the perfect time for them to catch fire and really change the way we do things. So, you know, I had to get a little piece of that action”.

Williams tells “Especially with the planet Uranus and change, it’s always going to be volatile in the beginning, But, still, it’s more of a conscious choice to contribute to the change. If I do well, then great. If not, I’ll still feel like I did my part to contribute to things moving forward.”

Concurrently, William’s astrology is supporting Bitcoin. It gives opinions of some eminent investors of bitcoin including Warren Buffet and Bill Gates.

William’s astrological research

Williams calls himself a professional astrologer. He has a website, where people can book for a personal astrologer along with Ex-NFL star to predict their future. He claims to charge $300 for a 90-minute session. William is spinning his interest in holistic medicine into a post-NFL career with the release of Real Wellness. It is a branch of cannabis-based products.

Kevin O’Leary a Bitcoin investor is linked for investing on Bitcoin to wager the digital currency. Currently, William is not the first person to predict the future of digital currency through astrology. A financial astrologist Kaye Shinker has drafted a book on the subject investment guide through astrology.

It’s amazing to know the astrology predicts to have great future for cryptocurrencies in the world. Ricky Williams delivers a positive statement for investing in digital currencies. We would like to hear through on digital currencies through Twitter and Telegram.

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