Will Mark Zuckerberg Plan to Wiretap Libra like Whatsapp?

According to CCN reports, Mark Zuckerberg is working to wiretap its new currency Libra. The platform is all set to build a mass-surveillance currency by applying the same technique which is applied to Whatsapp.

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At present, Facebook is experimenting with a blacklist filter and content-scanner for WhatsApp. The wiretapping algorithm would read messages before they are sent and detect suspicious activity. If the reports are correct, Facebook will scan your messages before you send them and report anything suspicious. Moreover, if anything suspicious is found, your message will be sent to Facebook central servers for further investigation.

The same algorithm is being built on Facebook’s cryptocurrency wallet, Calibra. According to Calibra’s terms and conditions, the wallet provider will send transaction data back to Facebook in various circumstances:

“The limited cases where account information or financial data may be shared reflect our need to keep people safe, comply with the law, and provide basic functionality to the people who use Calibra.”

Thus this provides a back-door for Calibra to send information to Facebook if there’s suspicious activity or if the government demands it.

During the Recent Facebook’s Libra Senate hearing, David Marcus the head of the Calibra wallet was unable to answer a question by Sean Duffy.  Sean asked David “Whether few personalities who have been banned from Facebook could use Libra”

“With regard to your network, can Milo Yiannopoulos or Louis Farrakhan use Libra?”

“I don’t know yet,” Marcus replied.

This implies that Facebook might blacklist users or transactions

Overall, if this technique works, it will create a framework for governments to outsource their mass surveillance directly to social media companies, completely bypassing encryption.

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