Will Cardano 360 Prove Worth the Hype?


Charles Hoskinson reveals his anticipation and excitement for the Cardano 360 event which is much awaited. His post eventually hinted at a bug that allowed hackers to mint 184 billion worth BTC back in August 2010. The whole hacking incident is known as the “ Value overflow Incident”


The bitcoin network is based on blockchain technology, which enables anyone with a powerful computer to mine bitcoins. For the first time, this resulted in a large number of bitcoins being generated due to a mistake in bitcoin blocks. This incident took place on block 74,638. But, after hours, when it was learned that a new version of the bitcoin network had been launched, the problem was resolved.

The bitcoin community has remained silent until now, despite the fact that 184 billion bitcoins were never produced. Miners removed massive amounts of bitcoins from the network, and the event was dubbed the “value of overflow incident.

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Some users assume that Hoskinson‘s reference to the “Value Overflow Incident” is a nod to the “double-spending” charge that Cardano never had” a few days ago.

In his earlier posts, Hoskinson informed “Cardano fans” that the event taking place would be full of essential announcements.

IOHK’s event on Crowdcast, is scheduled to go live on Thursday March 25, 2021 at 7:30 pm EET.

Furthermore, it is anticipated that there will be an update on everything that has happened since the deployment of Hard Fork Combinator “Mary”.

The comments section saw a majority of the users asking  for more news on the deployment of Alonso and Plutus. Harrison also announced the conclusion of his segment for the event, and stated: “that there will be lots coming down the line”. He also confirmed that there will be updates on Cardano’s DeFi capabilities.

Bring yer own cushion and don’t worry. If you can’t stick around, we’ll be dicing and slicing it and serving it up throughout next week in bite-size chunks.

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