WHO Teams With IBM to Combat Coronavirus via Blockchain Technology

There’s excitement in the air as the blockchain technology has proven its worth yet again in this time of global health and economic collapse which results from the COVID-19 pandemic.

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As it is at the moment, the International Business Machines Corporations (IBM), the World Health Organization (WHO) and others are teaming up in order to build a blockchain-based analytic system that is aimed at tracking details relating to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The metrics of tracking the pandemic are not yet fixed but are expected to include, number of confirmed cases, number of deaths, number of recovered cases and many other important metrics according to countries.

The blockchain-based solution, which is expected to provide express information about COVID-19 also has Oracle, John Hopkins University, Microsoft, National Health Commission and others as collaborators. MiPasa, as the system is being named, was built by Hacera. According to the CEO of Hacera, Jonathan Levi,

“We feel that there isn’t enough information out there to make informed decisions,” said Levi. “How can we help all the people that would like to get access to data, analyze it and provide insights?”

Jonathan Levi included that the analytic system being worked upon has the capability of providing insightful data from powerful sources which can be agreed upon on an entirely open and free to use platform. Adding that the blockchain will provide the utmost security needed for such data to age well.

From IBM’s perspective, the platform is putting in much effort to ensure that the system is in place as soon as possible. The platform has introduced the call for code initiative aimed at rapidly creating tools that might help curb the spread of the disease in no time. According to their CTO Gari Singh,

“We started off brainstorming ideas on how to collect, provide and use verified information about the virus,” said Singh. “It’s not that we were trying to force blockchain into this solution, but we thought we need to replicate data, we need to have trusted sources, we need to make sure it can’t be tampered with.”

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