What’s New In The Upcoming TRON Crypto Card? Get The Detailed View

Recently, TRON ($TRX) released some more information on its nearing crypto card. This card includes preorder dates, cost and much more. As per the announcement, the pre-order date and time for GRID X BitTorrent crypto card will go live on Feb 18, 2019 at 8 PM UTC.

This card is a prepaid card loaded with TRON ($TRX) in three different amounts of 15k, 50k, and 100k. The BitTorrent (BTT) tokens will be awarded in various amounts to the card owners. Also, the card owners will be rewarded with monthly airdrops of BTT.

Overview Of GRID

Usually, the GRID is a single-use card which cannot be reloaded with TRX after it is purchased. Although owners will be rewarded with airdrop on monthly basis, the total amount of BTT received will drop. This is because the amount of crypto the owner has, will eventually grow, but the card owner cannot reload the card.

Suppose if there are no funds spent, the rewards will continue growing at same rate. Along with these restrictions, GRID may develop the usage as a cold storage wallet. This wallet is applicable for investing rather than a crypto card applicable for spending TRX and BTT as currency.

GRID is one among the two crypto cards built using the TRON network. The tokens, TRX and TRC10, are the tokenized assets for dApps necessarily built on TRX network. These tokens can be held with TronCard as a virtual wallet. Also, there is a QR code which can be scannable for accessing the public key as the physical card could integrate within a virtual wallet.

TronCard and GRID both are developed by Poppy. These are applicable at locations using Clover POS systems with Poppy update. While this limits the ability of TRX or BTT into society, it also offers the possibility for a small push for crypto adoption.

The Involvement Of SEC

If TRX and BTT can successfully be used as currencies for transactions, then it will examine the ability for cryptocurrencies to be applicable as real currencies. Hence, resulting in a decrease of SEC filing actions against TRX and BTT.

In case if SEC upholds the difference between currency and security, along with TronCard or GRID successfully being utilized over a sufficient period of time, the TRON foundation may get relief from the scrutiny of SEC. Eventually, this is speculative as well as based upon the events that are yet to unfold.

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