Experts Advocate for More Regulation in Crypto at a Ripple Event

Cryptocurrency experts attending the first Ripple event to advocate for more crypto regulation. The experts revealed a need to build more trust in the entire cryptocurrency ecosystem.

Wharton Professor Speaks Out On Cryptocurrency Regulation

During the first edition of the Ripple experts event, prof. Kevin Werbach of Wharton university Philadelphia said there is a need for more trust in the crypto space. The professor warned that the cryptocurrency industry needs to assure the general public that bad actors would be handled. Furthermore, he said cryptocurrency ecosystem should become an environment with more economic and regulatory clarity.

“We need to get to a place where there’s broad trust in the entire ecosystem. We need confidence that the bad actors will be addressed, an environment where there is more economic and regulatory clarity,” said Prof; Kevin Werbach

Meanwhile, many major cryptocurrency companies in the united states now appear to follow Prof. Werbach dream, many companies still lag behind. For a long time, bad actors infiltrated the cryptocurrency ecosystem appearing as investment opportunities. These scammers would often disappear with millions of dollars of user funds.

Crypto-Enthusiast Agrees with Prof. Kevins Statement

According to the comments to the update of the Experts Views event posted on Twitter by Ripple, many people seem to agree with Kevins Assertion. A user commented to the post revealed that economic and regulatory clarity is exactly what the consumers need. He continued applauding Ripple for leading such as discussion.

Another user reminded that the US government is already doing the same to fight fraudulent exchanges and token issuers. He continued stating that the US government could have not given the kind of announcements the retail market wants yet. However, he is certain that the government actions are in line with the requirements of institutional markets.

Meanwhile, the approval of the Bitcoin exchange-traded futures which are believed to be the only remaining lock to institutional adoption is stood as null. However, the US Security and Exchange commision recently revealed that there were issues to be clarified before granting the first Bitcoin ETF. We are yet the see the steps SEC takes towards Bitcoin ETC this coming year.

Do you agree that cryptocurrency regulation is the key to cryptocurrency success? Share your comments on this topic in the comment section below and do not forget to follow the conversation on Twitter.

Wharton Professor Speaks About Crypto Regulation at a Ripple Event
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Wharton Professor Speaks About Crypto Regulation at a Ripple Event
Cryptocurrency experts attend first Ripple event to advocate more crypto regulation. The experts specify the need for trusted cryptocurrency ecosystem.
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