Popular Bitcoin Trader WhalePanda Mocks Coinbase CEO on Twitter

Just a few hours ago today popular cryptocurrency trader WhalePanda took to twitter mocking coinbase CEO.

WhalePanda posted that Brian Armstrong could not post or say the word bitcoin yet that’s the sole reason for creating Coinbase.

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Popular Twitter Crypto Trader Mocks Brian Armstrong

In a Tweet WhalePanda, a top cryptocurrency trader popular on Twitter said that Brian Armstrong couldn’t post the word Bitcoin. The bitcoin trader with more than 200k twitter follows said the Coinbase CEO could not even say the word Bitcoin. He stated that fact alone says a lot of things.

The tweet was a reply to an earlier tween posted by Coinbase commenting on their new platform announced on Twitter. The new Coinbase earn platform is slated to pay users in cryptocurrency for learning about digital assets. The idea of the Coinbase Earn is that users can learn about a digital asset and it’s underlying technology while getting a bit of the asset to try out with.

The Coinbase post that WhalePanda replied mentioned that Coinbase aims to make blockchain technology more accessible, both in the sense of making crypto easier to obtain and easier to understand. Coinbase said in the post that over time it plans to ass more kinds of a task and the ability to earn other cryptos on the platform. WhalePanda, however, refutes this claim saying Coinbase CEO couldn’t even mention Bitcoin.

Short after WhalePanda shared that criticizing post on Twitter, Brian Armstrong, CEO at Coinbase replied the Tweet with the word Bitcoin. As if he was trying to show to WhalePanda that could still say the word bitcoin or post it on twitter. Mr. Armstrong also referred WhalePanda to another post he shared earlier stating how much he is passionate about bitcoin.

As a reply to Armstrong’s defense, WhalePanda posted an old tweet by Armstrong saying that Bitcoin is the only true cryptocurrency. In the tweet, Armstrong mentioned that Ripple, Stellar and Altcoins are all distractions. He advised the community to remain focused on Bitcoin and Sidechains.

CoinBase Boost of its Big size

Meanwhile in another Tweet posted yesterday December 19, Coinbase its transactions size for the month. The exchange mentioned than earlier this month it moved 5% of all BTC. 8% of all ETH and 25% of all LTC in circulation to their next-gen secure cold storage.

The company said it is embarking on new means of enforcing maximum security on its platform by using cold storage. With the current wave of events and price movement in the cryptocurrency market, many traders are forced to drop out of the market. It is still unclear if prices are anywhere near stabilizing.

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