WavesGo Platform Allows to Launch Your Own Crypto Project

Like NXT, Waves Platform let you launch your own digital currency project and allow teams to trade the coins on the DEX. The platforms eliminate the hurdles and technical difficulties of launching cryptocurrency projects making the process faster for individuals and teams.   

Waves, an already existing secure and multifunctional wallet, recently added WavesGo gateway feature that lets you deposit various currencies and in return receive dedicated Waves tokens.

Integrating coins by coin teams is very easy at the end of the day. The team recently used just 100 lines of code to integrate Litecoin LTC cryptocurrency. The gateway framework provided the rest.

WavesGo started as a block explorer but is now an ecosystem with a variety of features. It lets anyone easily set up a gateway for a new coin by removing the technical hurdles of the process.

It takes care of all the work that involves integrating blockchain elements common to all coins. Developers only need to supply unique aspects — namely the interface to their protocol — to their cryptocurrency.

Coin teams can incorporate their projects with Waves and provide their communities ability to trade the coins on DEX.

The tokens are not only back on a 1:1 ratio on the platform but are also transferable and tradable at will. The owner can also return them to the gateway and get the funds that back them in exchange.

The platform, therefore, removes the banking and compliance relationships such as required in fiat money.

Other Platforms

In addition to more than other 5 platforms, NXT is another example of a decentralized token ecosystem that allows individuals and teams to launch tokens. The platform also offers a secure, direct and secure, direct peer-to-peer trading on an asset exchange.

In fact, with NXT, you can launch your currency, trade and share and exchange it on the platform. It also serves as a wallet where people can create secure multi-signature accounts with NXT.

What do you think about launching your own crypto project? Let us know on Twitter and Telegram.

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