Waves Price Analysis – WAVES/USD Escalates tremendously Up to 10.45%

Despite of bearish turn of events, most of the Crypto coins are recovering lost value already. In case , if this is a continuation of the uptrend, a lot of interesting things can happen over in the coming days. At the time of writing, the leading altcoin in terms of gains is waves coin

Over the past 24 hours, the market momentum has seemingly shifted in favor of Waves coin. Because of a very strong uptrend. At the press time, waves coin price has spiked by 10.62% against USD and trading at $2.23 USD . In terms of WAVES/BTC the price increased upto 7.44% with trading value 0.00041460 BTC.

Currently, the coin is ranking at 32nd position, holding market cap $223,257,102 USD with $18,154,262 USD  24 hour volume and 100,000,000 WAVES circulating supply.It last traded at Binance exchange. Approximately 19,295 WAVES worth $39,723 was traded.

However, the reason behind the sudden might be fuelled by Vostok ICO. Which is  a new private blockchain project launching on the platform.

Basically, Vostok (VST) isrefered as a  web 3.0 blockchain solution for enterprises and business. Moreover, It features private blockchain options, enabling financial institutions to adopt and use the technology.

Waves founder and CEO Sasha Ivanov predicts Vostok will be worth $1 billion upon launch.

As Vostok is one among the most well-known ICOs since past 6months, and might be the reason behind Waves coin price growth.

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