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Waves Price Analysis : WAVES Price Expected to Touch $100 in the Coming Days


    Waves token surged magnificently in the past week and expected to touch $10

    Currently, the price is expected to break the resistance formed at $8.8 to $9 to continue the bull run.

Waves Price to $10 Is Just the Beginning

 The Waves price which had maintained stagnant movements until the first week of November 2020, has intensified dramatically to cross $8 in very less time. The Wave price became the talk of the town when it jumped from less than $5 to above $8 in just a couple of days.

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The technical indicator suggests the token is currently overbought and on the verge to spike up yet again. The WAVE token is registering all-time highs of 2020 by attaining the levels more than $8. 

Waves Price

At press time, Wave price stands at $8.11 with an increase of 27.80 percent with technicals point out for a strong ‘buy’. With the same pace, the price may even touch the all-time high at $18.07 very soon.

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Bullish Trend awaits Wave Price

Waves token is said to be a peerless coin of unique technology. And hence its price movements are not dependent on the market unlike the other flock of tokens. Therefore the bullish momentum could take the Wave Price to as much high as nearly $100 if continued with the same pace.

But to continue with the bull run, currently it very important for the token to maintain the price strongly above the current resistance of $8.8 to $9. After touching the levels, we have a huge gap till the next solid resistance at $18.07 which is its ATH.

Therefore, it would be pretty tough for the Wave price to touch the next strong resistance, but if successfully surpassed, the bull rally to $100 would be imminent.

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