Wanchain (WAN) Is Building Bridge To EOS And Will Complete By Q2

Wanchain (WAN), the platform which allows transactions across different blockchain by applying Cross-chain transfers, is going to integrate with the EOS platform in Q2 of this year, the team has announced.

Oliver Birch, Vice-President of Communications and Growth at Wanchain said the project will bring bridge with EOS sometime in the next quarter at the Q1 Community Conference Call. He said that the previous performance of EOS, as well as the large and active community, made it a clear winner for integration with Wanchain.

Also, CEO Jack Lu in an interview for a website said, Wanchain is in discussion with other networks with bigger market caps. But what made them go for EOS is the already big and established dApp ecosystem. Further, he said,

We can integrate the native EOS token as well as dApp tokens into a bigger economy.

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According to Dan Reecer, Wanchain global marketing director, EOS contains one of the biggest developer communities. Wanchain can support connecting to other large, dynamic communities, like Ethereum. After becoming part of the same ecosystem, platforms can create cross-chain dApps.

With this new alliance with EOS, Wanchain is looking forward to support more ERC20 tokens. Also, two stablecoins, TrueUSD (TUSD), USDC and Basic Attention Token (BAT) will be added.

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