Waltonchain (WTC) to launch DMTC and fully operational mainnet

Waltonchain (WTC), a supply chain solutions platform built on the blockchain Official announced the launch of DMTC, the First Global Smart Retail Application Child Chain.

Basically, DMTC is the global applied eco-agriculture traceability chain. The project includes the Smart Agriculture , Smart Micromarket  and Innovative Retail concept. It relies on the Waltonchain platform to solve a series of pain points for agricultural products. The project uses RFID chip and blockchain technology to trace the whole production process of agricultural products. And thus, create a safe and reliable big data information channel.

Additionally, the company claims that DMTC’s smart agricultural industry chain layout will provide broad application scenarios for the development of Waltonchain’s global ecosystem and accelerate the application of Waltonchain in the IoT-related industries to manifest Waltonchain as the global leader in the IoT field.

Waltonchain launched its fully operational mainnet

Recently, the firm also announced to launch its fully operational mainnet. The launch shall replace Waltonchain’s first mainnet, which was introduced in 2018.

Previously,  Waltonchain mainnet has been in beta version  for more than a year. At present, the blockchain is ready to go live on April 24th. The increased valuation and trading volume for WTC are likely due to Waltonchain’s imminent fully operational mainnet launch.

In addition to migrating tokens to the new network, Waltonchain will introduce enhanced block rewards for masternodes and a shorter block time. Further, to qualify for a masternode users must have 50,000 WTC in their wallets . Users having 50 WTC or more will qualify for Proof-of-Stake payouts.

Block generation has been increased from 1 block per minute to 2, with miners set to receive 2.5 WTC per block, and masternode operators making 3 WTC per block.

According to Coinmarketcap, Waltonchain price have rebounded from a weekly low of $2.08 to a high of $2.80, before closing the week at $2.54 for a 22% gain.

At present, the WTC coin has increased 1.57% against USD and trading at $2.66 USD. But, with the growth of Ethereum (ETH) upto 2.90 and Bitcoin BTC up to 4.9, the price against bitcoin DGD/BTC  and ethereum DGD/ETH the price went down by -3.03% and -1.16% with trading value 0.00048103 BTC and 0.01519844 ETH respectively.

Currently, the coin has entered in the top 100’s and is ranking in 81st position, holding market cap $109,529,054 USD  with $5,924,264 USD  24 hour volume and 41,112,339 WTC circulating supply. Moreover, the token’s daily volume holds the top 20 of CMC, an impressive showing for a coin whose total market cap ranks in the 60s.

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