Walmart is Selling Out $1 Bitcoin of Chocolate Variety

The retail giant provider, Walmart is selling out $1 Bitcoin of the chocolate variety rather than cryptographic bitcoin that today we are accomplishing at every instance.

Author: Sohrab Khawas

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    Indeed, the major credit goes to the longstanding candy manufacturer player, Frankford Candy and Chocolate Company. This is a Philadelphia Company where the Bitcoin name is all over allowing Walmart stores around America.

    However, the Bitcoins that Frankford is creating will likely contribute to raise the public awareness of non-chocolate bitcoin cryptocurrency. This will in return enhance the opportunity for eventually driving user interest into the technological and ideological underpinnings.

    On Monday, u/TheKayleMain made the news declaration at the r/CryptoCurrency subreddit. Together with an in-store photograph, indicating a promotional shelving end stack, incorporating at least nine Bitcoin milk chocolate coins boxes.

    However, there are many comments within the subreddit forum, where member reaction can be seen with several quoting.

    6 BTC = Minimum Investment

    Walmart selling Bitcoin candy from CryptoCurrency

    According to the Bitcoin follower, treat product page, on the online store at Walmart (Walmart # 568259618), the milk chocolate product stating as “The modern currency in chocolate!” is now available at 1.48 ounce mesh bag of six.

    According to some of the commentators:

    • u/FLFTW16 says, “No. Have you seen the video of Walmart ice cream sandwiches that never melt? These coins are made for holding.”
    • u/EVM-is-Skynet says, “A whole new store of value with REAL-WORLD use. It can even solve world hunger.”
    • u/TheKayleMain says, “After I buy them I’m gonna turn them into shitcoins and dump em.”

    Since long time back, Walmart has been actively conducting experiments on several applications using blockchain technology. This project still remains unseen, that how consumers willingly participate towards purchasing the chocolate Bitcoins.

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