Do You Know Why Vitalik Says Ripple’s XRP Is Better Than Bitcoin?

Ethereum’s Vitalik tweets saying XRP is a better option than Bitcoin because of its institutional adoptions and partnerships.

The extremely popular entities Ripple and XRP have gained the media attention all from their achievements, partnerships, and plans. While Ripple’s aims to overcome SWIFT which is a traditional payments system adopted by banks and financial institutions for decades.

But, SWIFT is quite old and is facing issues with the speed of transactions, costs and more. Hence Ripple focuses on eliminating these issues and offer its users with flawless transactions, fast, secure and cheap as well.

Recently, Mr.Rochard uploaded a graph comparing the price of Bitcoin to Bitcoin itself. The graph shows a flat line worth 1 BTC at all time.

Answering to Mr. Rochard, Vitalik said the XRP graph would look the same but it is also sound money. Adding to which he also mentioned that XRP adopted few institutions, signing partnerships with the world.

One of the recognized Bitcoin supporters answered that it is not possible to use Ethereum as a store of value. This is because it is not possible to know whether the graphic is ETH1.0/ETH1.0 or ETH1.0/ETH2.0 which do not have the same value.

While there were some comments from XRP supporters that looked quite happy about the tweet from Vitalik Buterin. While others were attacking him for the things he said. Also, a Twitter user wrote that Vitalik is being sarcastic with the crypto community in the social network.

What is your opinion? Is XRP actually better than Bitcoin? Share your thoughts on our Twitter and Facebook pages.

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