Vitalik Opens up about Ethereum Network since 2017, What does 2020 have?


The Crypto Industry is always rolling on trends and buzz since it’s the all-time peak period in Dec 2017. Ethereum still continues to be the second-largest crypto network in the Industry. Thus Saturday, the Ethereum Co-founder took to twitter about the achievements of ETH in the past 3 years and also listed things to happen in 2020 ahead.


Mr. Vitalik appreciated a list of his projects that have been holding the ethical values of the ETH network, the list included  Maker, Uniswap, zero-knowledge (ZK) rollups, and the test nets on the planned proof of stake (PoS) network were made in the list.  He also guided the projects to continue their pace of development from being “ Catch Up “ by trends. 

Let us Take a Tour on some amazing projects Introduced by Ehtereum that made it keep the Bull Run alive Since 2017. 

The Ethernet being an Integral part of the whole Crypto Network, its greatest time is yet to come since the 2018 Bull run. The Network Introduced exceptional projects that had a huge effect on the Complete Crypto panel. 

The Defi Space 

Decentralized Finance applications ( Defi) are today a sophisticated concept that has seen exponential growth. Around $1 Bn assets were in the Hold with Defi Systems like Uniswap, Maker, and Synthetix. The Coin had Good growth after the rightful operations of these systems. 

the Defi Space 

2.. ZK Rollups make a Breakthrough. 

Zero-Knowledge- Roll-Ups Alternative solutions to increase the scalability of Etheruem BLockhcian are enhanced the Developments and Innovation in the present time. 

Some ZK Rollups like Loopring were able to test 2000 transactions per second and that’s a Pretty Huge number! As the Previous numbers were 7-15 transactions per second. 

3. ERC-20 Stable Coins, The Successful Innovation. 

Among all the Innovative project by Ethereum, ERC-20 tokens or Stable coins can be considered as the Greatest outcome.  

You Must have heard of Tether ( USDT),  the most popular ERC-20 based Stable Coin. The total value of ERC-20 stable coin on the blockchain is $4.5 B and still counting, Whereas the $4.1 Bn is of USDT.  It is also the fact the number of Stable coins in 2017 was just 10 and it’s now risen to 50 currently. 

What will Ethereum have in 2020 

Even though the Ethereum 2.0 was a failure, the Co-Founder assured to come up with a stronger network and Projects.  Ethreum will start a new era of the world’s second-largest Crypto with the completion of the development of the “ switch to PoS “ concept. 

Additionally, the team is also in line with the accomplishments of projects like eThaler,  A Payment Gateway which will be regulated with Government Banking bodies for smooth and faster payment services and the CBDC – A Digital Currency Platform for Central Bank. 

Most of the things are Uncertain as they follow the Development Criteria and are expected to hit the market boards in a few months.

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