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Viabtc CEO, Haipo Yang Proposes BCH Standard Organization

The CEO of Viabtc, Haipo Yang published a post on August 31 that proposed the creation of the Bitcoin Cash Standard Organization which will mirror the World Wide Web’s consortium (W3C).

Haipo Yang on Friday released details of a proposed solution to bitcoin cash’s consensus problem. He stated that he plans on creating a group dubbed Bitcoin Cash Standard Organization (BCSO) which will operate like World Wide Web Consortium W3C. Yang revealed that the group will help bitcoin cash community agree on transparent and standard consensus proposals.

W3C is an organization like the Linux Foundation that is of the ICT stakeholders. However which work on proposing standards for computers and the internet. Yang is planning on modeling a similar group that will create standards for bitcoin cash.

Yang stated that the nature of bitcoin warrants that it is defined by documentation so as to avoid the split of the blockchain. He explained that the role of the proposed organization will include the documentation of Bitcoin Cash Improvement Proposal (BCIP)

Yang went further to state that the implementation of BCSO will allow Bitcoin cash’s future consensus upgrades to be transparent and more public. He believes that the upgrades’ details and test results should be in documentation. So that the network participant can fully understand the purpose of every intended upgrade.

In order to achieve this, BCSO will number the proposals, collate participants’ suggestions and put the proposals to a vote. Thereafter, BCSO will update the network standard protocol based on the results of the vote. Yang concluded that he is sure that his proposed organization will help resolve the BCH network’s consensus issues.

BCH’s November Hard fork

Bitcoin cash network is planning on implementing new upgrades on the 15th of November. However, the network’s two development teams Bitcoin ABC and nChain have not been able to reach a consensus on the upgrades to be adopted in the next hard fork.

Bitcoin unlimited had proposed that the network’s miners should be allowed to vote on the upgrades to adopt, while’s founder planned on launching a full node BCH client that will implement replay protections.

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