Verge will have a bright future – says expert Qadir AK

There could be many reasons behind exponential growth of Bitcoin and overall cryptocurrency market but it is surprising to see what factors determine vergecoin to reach $0.073635 with price growth of 257.71%.

Users who indulge in decentralized community are basically probing out the anonymity-centric crytocurrencies; This coin can be feasible in this regard.

Should you really invest in Verge?

Beyond Bitcoin or Ethereum, other digital coins are open to explore the broader cryptocurrency market. In light of privacy-centric features, investment in verge could be good. In addition, this cryptocurrency leverage direct transactions and encouraging the efficient as well as secure trading.

Qadir Ak in his recent tweet, talks about vergecoin. He stated that

“Yeah, It’s true, Verge has a very bright future”. He pointed out 200% growth of verge in a day”.

Verge market cap

On December 14, 2017 he predicted the growth among four cryptocurrencies including vergecoin, zcash, ethereum, and ripple. And consequently, these digital coins has experienced 40% growth respectively.

What you should know about Verge?

Symbol (ticker): XVG

Algorhytmus: Scrypt, x17, groestl, blake2s, and lyra2rev2

The currency was previously called Dogecoindark and later renamed as Vergecoin in Febraury 2016. The only reason why investment in this currency could be good is that, it adds privacy enhancing features using Tor and i2P. It has strong network security backed by Sunerok and keeps a public ledger.

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