Verge Coin Surged 4% With Top Improvements On The Platform

At present, the whole crypto space is enjoying the bullish trend, one of the decentralized open-source cryptocurrency platform – Verge is taking baby steps with frequent improvements and updates.

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At the time of writing, the verge coin price has increased by 5.17% against USD, trading at $0.009947. In term of XVG/BTC the price surged up to 1.61%. The coin is trading at 0.00000117 BTC.

Currently, the coin is ranking at 54th position, holding market cap $161,135,670 USD with $5,199,692 USD 24-hour volume and 16,199,773,173 XVG circulating supply.

Recently, the verge firm announced top 3 improvements in its platform.

According to the recent medium post the top updates are :

Codebase Release

On 16th may, one of the team member – Marvin Piekarek, released the latest version of  codebase, named Lumos. Marvin Piekarek claim that :

we found a bug when creating a stealth address and then encrypting the wallet, which would make that stealth address unusable. This critical bug was fixed a few days later when we pushed for the 5.1 release. Currently we are working on a newfound issue which causes the reindex process to crash when launching the daemon in -reindex mode.

IOS wallet

According to medium post,

After the iOS wallet release, the workload hasnโ€™t stopped. Our iOS team is currently working onโ€ฆ wait for itโ€ฆ Moon Mode!

The Swenator (verge team member) named the dark mode, Moon Mode.

Also, the platform is providing translations for the wallet in 12 languages.

Android Wallet

The platform states that they donโ€™t have shiny screenshots of the Android wallet at present, but there has been a lot of code written to prepare for the integration of our Verge Wallet Service.

Once this step is completed, VWS features will be used and they start to plan a public beta for testing the wallet. Thus,  itโ€™s the last step before being able to send and receive funds!

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