Venezuela Government Registered 16 Crypto Exchanges to List Petro Cryptocurrency

Following the crackdown happened this week, Nicolas Maduro, Venezuela president has registered 16 new crypto exchanges. In general, it is now aiming at a new approach of the government at cryptocurrency exchanges,

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According to Correo del Orinoco, Venezuelan newspaper, the president of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro has “authorized the certification of 16 crypto exchanges”. Maduro made the statement at Expo Venezuela Potencia 2018 opening.

“The certification of these 16 exchanges is a demonstration of confidence in the system of the Petro, as a cryptocurrency. It will allow liquidity and solid transactional volume”.

He also said the registered 16 crypto exchanges will be aiming to secure the trade capabilities of the Venezuela’s own cryptocurrency, Petro.

According to the local report, the 16 certifies cryptocurrency exchanges are: “Criptoexchainge, Criptocapital, Asesoría Financiaera CA, Italcambio, Amberes Coin, Cave Blockchainge, Valoratta Casa de Bolsa,, Critiaechainge, Criptolago, Criptoventraige CA, Criptoactivo Menets CA, Criptoactivo Bancar CA, Criptomundo Casa de Intercambio CA, Inversiones Financieras 1444 CA, [and] Criptoactivo Criptoes”.

However, the government of Venezuela unveils that in the end of the pre-sale Petro cryptocurrency has already received 3338 million dollars.  

Therefore, the news is following the major crackdown when two exchanges were closed and the country’s authorities have seized the back accounts.  

30% discount on Crude Oil

In addition, India Consecure is also in the list of 16 certifies crypto exchange. Venezuela offers India 30 percent discount on crude oil only on the use of Petro coin. However, the offer was given by a Venezuela blockchain department’s team.

 Accordingly, the CEO Mohit Kalra said,

“Venezuela wanted to add Petro as a cryptocurrency on Coinseure, so they can trade Petro against bitcoin and the rupee. The Indian government offer: you buy Petro and we will give you a 30 percent discount”.

On note, Venezuela has offered 30 percent discount, if India uses Petro to buy crude oil. 

Therefore, in India, Coinsecure will sell Petro after the negotiations with the Venezuelan Blockchain team. Kalra said, it will also provide an white label exchange solutions that means all crypto traders will need to trade on their exchange:

 “That would be run by their brand name, but the back-end will be us. We plan to provide them with 10-15 cryptocurrency players.”

Significantly, the Venezuela President, Nicolas Maduro said that he will promote the new currency continuously. He said in order to sell fuel to every national and international airline for Petro, he signed the paperwork,

“To create an Industrial and Economic Investment Fund in Petro and I have already contributed. Thus, for now 8.5 million Petro equivalents of $510 million for credit loans”.

Does the certified exchange will list the Venezuela’s Cryptocurrency, Petro? Share your opinions or suggestions with us on Twitter and Telegram.

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