Venezuela’s Government to accept Digital currency within 120 days.

Petro, Venezuela’s oil-endorsed digital currency should become a legal tender for all transactions that includes government institutions to financial firms to all other companies. The time allotted to this venture is 120 days as per the declaration was given by the Government’s Official Gazette.

Bestowing to gazette of April 9, the government is going to be the sole regulator for all crypto assets. The lately created national cryptocurrency treasury is in the charge of overseeing from emission to trading. On Tuesday government named Abrahan Landaeta as a head of cryptocurrency Treasury and Anthoni Camilo Torres as the head of virtual exchanges.

Government’s official Gazette

The official verdict is meant to push forward petro in use, but it has a host of challenges that make it predicament to apply crypto policies into the practice. It has several aspects to take the remaining tokens as a mystery and later called it as a scam.

Nicolas Maduro, President of Venezuela stated that “he has received offers of such as $5 billion from several countries including China, Russia, and Mexico for the virtual coins”.

Venezuela’s aim

Venezuela is exploring to take benefit of global enthusiasm for blockchain-based assets. It is aiding to uplift the economic conditions of the country. The International Monetary Fund projects inflation and hits 13,000 percent by end of the year and the economy is set to contract by 15 percent.

Maduro, in his speech lamenting that “country has purchased 30 ambulances utilizing virtual coins and as a part of nation’s effort it is endorsing Petros and other cryptos”. A national virtual miner registry is enhanced and “Petro zones” the coins will be accepted that creates the popular tourist destinations along the country’s western border”.

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