Crypto Founder Bet Against Ethereum, Says Crypto Project Will Overtake Ethereum


    VeChain Founder said that the ecosystem will not stop working until it overtakes Ethereum cryptocurrency.

    The Vechain is expected to witness a mass adoption in the coming years and also positioned to compete with the other competitors.

    Vechain’s quick delivery at a low-cost feature may aid mass adoption.

Vechain will Overtake Ethereum, Says Crypto Founder

VeChain founder Sunny Lu in an interview with Boxmining revealed his plans with the digital asset, competition from the big companies, and mass adoption of Vechain.

Responding to a query on overtaking the Ethereum’s market capitalization, in the podcast series with Michael Gu, Sunny Lu said with due respect said that,

“ Well, I won’t stop until we get there. Once again, I pay respect to Ethereum(…) But you know that the records are there to be broken, and you know the masters are there to be surpassed. If we do that one day, I will be really happy.”

Sunny Lu also said that if VeChain succeeds in overtaking Ethereum, it would signify that the entire blockchain space is ‘making the breaking somehow’. And also be an attestation of the fact that Vechain has been adopted by the masses.

VeChain is Still Young But Might Face Big Competition

VeChain which is very young in the crypto market has gained big powerful partnerships like PwC, Walmart China.

Moreover, VeChain blockchain collaborated with DNV GL to roll out an App combating COVID-19. Therefore, the pace of the growth of VeChain defined big competitors.

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Speaking about the big competition with tech companies such as IBM, Sunny Lu said that the market has a lot of potential for young and emerging technologies like VeChain and they are also in a good position with their competitors. 

“ I am not really worried about that kind of situation because right now the market is like so big. Everybody has the opportunity to get big” 

VeChain Wants Mass Adoption, Will that Happen Anytime Soon? 

VeChain’s mainnet has boosted the growth of the digital asset. The transactions which were only half a million in 2018, at the launch, grew to 36 million by 2019.

Presently, VeChain main-net records almost 100,000 transactions per day and with the same speed, the total transactions may reach up to 360 million this year. 

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Sunny Lu responding for some statements equating the crypto space with a casino, he said,

“I am not saying that today we reached mass adoption, you can call the entire space a casino, fine, but given a couple of years if we kind of keep this growth rate at least VeChain not gonna be a Casino.”

Collectively, VeChain is a major digital asset in the list of the current running Altcoin Season 2020. Vechain is one of the digital assets preferred by the majority of the investors of the crypto space.

Moreover, Lu also gives hints on a possible partnership with Ripple blockchain. But, the vision of overtaking Ethereum is yet to be seen.

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